Death of a Peer (Surfeit of Lampreys)
Death of a Peer (Surfeit of Lampreys)
Death of a Peer (Surfeit of Lampreys)
Type: Libro de Audio
Format: mp3
Lenguaje: English

Ngaio Marsh's most popular novel begins when a young New Zealander's first contact with the English gentry is the body of Lord Wutherford -- with a meat skewer through the eye... The Lampreys had plenty of charm -- but no cash. They all knew they were peculiar -- and rather gloried in it. The double and triple charades, for instance, with which they would entertain their guests -- like rich but awful Uncle Gabriel, who was always such a bore. The Lampreys thought if they jollied him up he would bail them out -- yet again. Instead, Uncle Gabriel met a violent end. And Chief Inspector Alleyn had to work our which of them killed him...

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